In accordance with ATTORNEY GENERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT DIRECTIVE NO. 2018-6 Strengthening Trust Between Law Enforcement and Immigrant Communities each police department shall post information about its procedures for U and T Visas on its website.

  1. U and T Visas can be obtained to stabilize a victim with a lack of legal immigration status in the United States.
  2. U Visa can be applied for if the person is victim of a qualifying criminal activity; and was, is, or is likely to be, helpful in the investigation or prosecution of that activity.
  3. T Visa can be applied for if a persona has been a victim of a severe form of trafficking in persons; and has complied with requests for assistance in an investigation or prosecution of the crime of trafficking.
  4. Information on applying for U and T Visa’s can be found at
  5. When the Town of Clinton Police receives a request for a U or T Visa, the Investigations Division Commander will assist the individual in completing the required documents and certify the application if the individual meets the criteria.
  6. All requests will be processed within 120 days.




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