Parking is a valuable commodity in any small town, and when properly managed makes everyones visit more enjoyable. Employees of commercial properties are strongly encouraged to utilize our 24 hour Parking Lots or Untimed On-Street Parking locations freeing up Downtown parking spaces for our shoppers and visitors.

Downtown Timed Hourly Parking Locations - Main Street and East Main Street 2 hour limit parking 8am until 6pm Monday through Saturdays excluding Holidays. Lower Center Street and the Lower Center Street Municipal Parking Lot 3 hour limit parking 8am until 6pm Monday through Saturday excluding Holidays.

Downtown 24 Hour Parking Locations - Municipal Complex Parking Lot at 43 Leigh Street, Clinton Fire House Parking Lot (north side of the parking lot numbered spaces only), Water Street Municipal Parking Lot and the Clinton Community Center Parking Lot off of Halstead Street.

Untimed On-Street Parking - Halstead Street, Center Street and West Main Street.

Please park in designated marked parking spots only.

Overtime Parking Fine - $25.00

All other Parking Regulations are State Statutes. For information on those fines please contact the Municipal Court of North Hunterdon at 908-735-7775.

Winter Overnight Parking - All Streets in Town

Parking is prohibited on all streets in Town each year from November 15 to April 1 between the hours of 2am and 6am tWHEN STREETS ARE SNOW COVERED, to facilitate the efficient removal of snow and ice from them. So, if snow or winter weather precipitation is forecast please park off street to avoid a parking summons and/or possible towing at owners expense.

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