Office of Emergency Management

Chief R. Brett Matheis, Coordinator
Scott Wintermute, Deputy Coordinator

Whether it’s natural as in a severe storm, or manmade such as in a hazardous materials spill or terrorist incident the emergency services of Clinton (police, fire and EMS) as well as other municipal assets are directed in response to any emergency or disaster by the Town Emergency Management Coordinator. The Chief of Police is the Coordinator here in Clinton and he coordinates these assets utilizing an Emergency Management Plan which is reviewed at least annually and that is approved by the State Office of Emergency Management every three years. This plan is comprised of twenty-two annex’s, which address issues such as alert warning and communication, public information, public health, evacuation, hazardous materials, our public school, terrorism, as well as many other areas of public services. Aside from directing emergency services in response to an emergency the Coordinator is responsible for damage assessment and reporting to the County and State Offices of Emergency Management to request additional assets or apply for State or Federal assistance, when available. Clinton is very fortunate to have highly trained and well equipped emergency services within its borders and at its disposal. These emergency service workers are as prepared as they can be for the identified hazards, which may affect Clinton, and we should be proud of the work they do for the Town as well as the surrounding communities.


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