Helpful Tips

A little local knowledge always comes in handy and may make your visit to Clinton more enjoyable.

Traffic Lights - Because Clinton is a transportation "hub" with a large volume of traffic traveling through it, timing is EVERYTHING at our intersections. There are only so many seconds in each phase of a green light for you and other vehicles cued at it to make it through each cycle, so PLEASE pay attention when you are sitting at a red light and be ready to proceed immediately on the green light or arrow. Every large gap that is allowed to develop during a green light is one less vehicle which will make it through that cycle.

Guaranteed Traffic Congestion - Leigh Street during the school year between 8am and 8:30am and again in the afternoon from 2:50pm and 3:30pm. Bus traffic, drop off's and pick-ups at the Public School are at their height during these times and almost quaranteed to slow your passage on this street.

"Short Cuts" to Avoid - (1) Rupells Road: We take the safety of other motorists and our residents very seriously. If you are a heavy truck or a tractor trailor using Rupells Road to avoid congestion on Interstate 78 you will receive a summons for being overweight. If you are a commuter in a hurry to get to work and exceeding the speed limit, you will most likely get a ticket also. This street was designed and constructed for local traffic only, not as an alternative to Interstate 78. This street bottlenecks into a "no outlet" residential neighborhood and finally at Route 173. In all cases interstate traffic clears while motorists utilizing this "short cut" are still sitting in gridlock. (2) Center Street: This residential street may appear to be a nice alternative to Route 173/Old Highway 22, but it bottle necks at Leigh Street and has a STRICTLY enforced 25mph Speed Limit. If you are in a hurry this is not a short cut for you.  

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