Firearms Permitting Process

 The Clinton Police Department strictly follows all State and Federal Firearms permitting laws.  Anyone who requests one will be provided with the appropriate firearms application and instruction sheet to submit for processing.

  1. We process any permit application, including carry permits and do so as expeditiously as possible.
  2. We follow the law, nothing more and nothing less.
  3. We go out of our way to make this process understandable and smooth for all applicants.
  4. We do not arbitrarily deny permits for minor issues, such as mistakes on the application. We generally will contact applicant’s and have them fix their application.
  5. Any hold-up in the permitting process is usually due to delays in responses from an applicant’s references or in the applicant being fingerprinted.

 Pickup 24/7 at Police Hqs or Download and Print from this site, the Fireams Application and Mental Health Form

Any questions, feel free to contact one of our firearms investigators, DSGT Jay Hunter, Ptl. Tim McGuire, Ptl. Pete Tilstra or Ptl. Jim Kramer or any of the officers of this department. 

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