Safe School Route


From the west take the sidewalk along West Main Street past the Clinton House onto Main Street, turn right on Leigh Street south and continue across Route 173 with the Crossing Guard, continue south to the Crossing Guard at the CPS Bike Path and then up the hill to CPS. (DO NOT WALK UP SCHOOL STREET unless accompanied by an adult)

From Halstead/Center Street cross with the Crossing Guard stationed at Leigh Street at Center Street, continue south on Leigh Street and then continue as outlined above.

From Alton Place or the South cross with either the Crossing Guard at Alton Place or at the CPS Bike Path. Children are not to walk along Route 173 between the South Branch River and Leigh Street unless they are accompanied by an adult.

Traffic and CPS Congestion The layout of Leigh Street, School Street and the CPS parking lot is not conducive to the efficient flow of the traffic volume generated in the morning and afternoon by parents delivering or picking up children directly at CPS so walking is highly recommended. However if you still choose to drive your children to CPS please plan to LEAVE EARLY. Morning rush hour Interstate 78 traffic is extremely unpredictable and it DIRECTLY IMPACTS ALL TRAFFIC in Town and can delay your arrival at CPS. To ease congestion in the CPS parking lot we strongly urge parents to allow their children to walk to school or to utilize Riverside Drive for drop off’s and pick-ups. Parents that do choose to deliver children directly to CPS must make their drop off and immediately proceed away from the curb as to not block other vehicles or buses. No vehicle will be permitted to park or stand in front of CPS in the Bus Lane or Fire Lane.


Crossing Guards Aside from parents, our School Crossing Guards are the first line of protection for our children walking to and from CPS. Parents - please reinforce with your children the importance of obeying all instructions from our Crossing Guards. Motorists - please be courteous and patient with our Crossing Guards while they are at their posts safeguarding our children. Our Guards are empowered to report motorists who they observe breaking traffic laws to the Police Department for prosecution, and to report improper behavior on the part of students to CPS Staff. The job of a Crossing Guard is hot in the summer, cold in the winter, wet when it rains and frustrating when motorists or children are difficult and ignore their instructions, so the next time you see one of them please smile, wave and above all appreciate them for the very important job that they do.  It is against the law for Failure to Obey a Crossing Guard who is crossing children in a crosswalk!


If a parent or a student observes any behavior or activity on their way to or from CPS that they feel is suspicious or “out of the ordinary” they should report it IMMEDIATLEY to a Police officer, crossing guard or CPS Staff.  Unfortunately suspicious activity is all too often not reported until “the next day”, if your not sure what you saw REPORT IT and we will check into it.  And one final reminder, although there are Police Officers on-duty and patrolling Clinton 24/7 Police Headquarters is not staffed fulltime therefore to immediately contact a Police Officer you must call our Communications Center at 908-735-8611 where you will reach one of our civilian dispatchers.

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