The 200 Club of Hunterdon County is an organization of citizens and members of our business community who prepare for, and come to the assistance of survivor familes and loved ones of Police, Fire, EMS and public safety volunteers and citizens, who make the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of duties, or by simply doing what is right when through circumstance they are called to do so.

The 200 Club of Hunterdon was formed in 1976 and modeled after other 200 Clubs throughout the Country. The primary and overwhelming mission of the Club is to provide immediate support to the survivors of our public safety professionals and volunteers when tragedy strikes.

The 200 Club of Hunterdon County's website is currently under recontruction, however if you would like information about the Club to see if it is something that you are interested in becoming a part of, please send a letter to the The 200 Club of Hunterdon County at P.O. Box 5518 Clinton, N.J. 08809. They will send you their informational flyer on Club activities and an membership application to join if you agree that their mission is a worthwhile one.

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